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What is the difference between DTG printer and traditional sublimation heat transfer

The difference between DTG and traditional sublimation heat transfer

1.Simple operation
DTG: Using professional printing printers, only need input the picture in computer to adjust the size, locate the printing position, and then can print directly. After the printing is completed,  press the clothes about 15 seconds. Then finished. The operation is simple and convenient, the cost is low, and there is no technical difficulty.
Heat transfer: Using ordinary printers with special transfer paper and transfer ink to print on the transfer paper/film first, and transfer the pattern to the clothes through the high temperature of the transfer machine. High cost, a transfer sheet cost 0.29USD, pressing machine temperature requirements is strict, non-uniformity temperature may lead to incomplete transfer or scrapped.

DTG:pigment ink,support CMYK+W,
Heat transfer:sublimation ink,just four color: CMYK。

3.Print Media
DTG:Fabrics with content of at least 60% cotton can be directly printed. For other fabrics, new heat press transfer technology can be used, so it is basically suitable for all clothing fabrics.
Heat transfer:Some fabrics are limited. DTF Printer Price

DTG:The white t-shirt has no feeling with good air permeability. The black t-shirt has a slight touch feeling with goodpermeability
Heat transfer:The white t-shirt has a thick touch with thick gel texture. The glue on the black t-shirt is very tough, and it is basically not used to print black t-shirts.

5.Color fastness
DTG:Washing fastness is grade 4 on white t-shirt, grade 3.5 on black, no fade or peel off。
Heat transfer:After washing twice with water, it will peel off.

DTG:For A4 size, $0.045 on the white t-shirt, $0.059 on the black t-shirt.
Heat transfer:A piece of transfer paper is about 0.29USD, the ink need extra charge.
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