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Screen printing VS DTG printing

What is the difference between screen printing and DTG printing?

Screen printing is a printing method that uses pressure to transfer ink through the perforations of a stencil to a substrate. Since screen printing entered the market earlier, the technology is more mature, but the printing method is traditional. DTG printing and screen printing are two completely different ways. Let's compare the two printing processes.

1.Environmental protection
Screen printing belongs to the traditional printing process, serious pollution, great harm to the production environment and the external environment, unpleasant smell, and waste ink discharge.
The DTG printer uses environment-friendly pigment ink, which is non-pollution and has small harm to operators and the environment.

2. Printing effect
The surface effect of the screen printing product is relatively rough, and it is not suitable for more delicate character printing.
DTG printing are more comprehensive in color, have a color management system, and have bright printing effects.

Traditional screen printing need film making first, which costs 200 per sheet, complicated process, and long production cycle. It can only print in monochromeand the screen printing dots cannot be eliminated. Mass production is required to reduce costs, and small batches or individual product printing cannot be achieved.
DTG printing does not need complicated typographic design and platemaking. It is suitable for various types and personalized printing. There is no limit to the minimum number, which reduces printing costs and time. Only simple image processing, and then output directly

The screen printing process is complicated, and the plate making and printing processes are selected according to different printing materials. There are many specific types of processes. As for the set of colors, it requires a experienced designer's understanding about colors. One color is one plate, the overall operation is complex.
DTG printing only needs to place materials on the platform, fix the position, and place the processed high-definition pictures in the software for simple typesetting and positioning, and then start printing. The printing mode is the same for different materials, but only dark t-shirt need pretreatment.

Generally speaking, both of them have certain advantages in their applicable fields. Customers should choose the equipment according to their own market positioning and product.
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