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What can we do if the ink cannot output during loading or cleaning?

No matter DTF printer, eco-solvent printer or smaller UV flatbed printers, mostly configuration with Epson printhead, like F1080,DX5,I3200 or something else.

For our normal use,sometime you may met the problem one or two colors cannot come out,here we have some steps to check:

1. Fill some cleaning liquid on the capping, and then observe whether the ink pump can pump the cleaning liquid into the waste ink bottle. If not, please check whether the ink pump works normally and if need to replace the new one;

2. Check whether the ink tube under the capping falls off or blocks. If any, please reconnect or replace the ink pipe;

3. Check whether the ink capping is damaged or aging. When the ink capping and nozzle are not sealed well, causing air leakage;

4. Check the relative position of the ink capping and the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle area is completely in the center of the ink capping. No; as shown in the figure below: the nozzle on the left of the picture (as shown in the figure below):

No alt text provided for this image

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