Running T-shirt Business
The skills you need to know
Before buy a DTG printer, some skills you need to know:
Software Skills to Create Graphics
Sometimes your customers will bring you corporate logos or just ideas, at this time you need to design in the Corel Draw or PhotoShop or Illustrator (or something other related software), then these great images are produced onto T-shirt.
Hardware Skills to Maintain your T Shirt Printing Machine
Any equipment need to maintain regularly, our DTG printers are VERY simple to keep running well. If you purchase a T-shirt printing machines from us, maintenance solutions will be sent to you together with the machine.
Wholesale Business
We define “wholesale” as selling to other custom t-shirt businesses or custom apparel shops. Traditional screen printing is set up perfectly to produce 1000, or even 10000 T-shirts with one set of plates, the T-shirt pattern is simple and humdrum;and dtg printer has a big advantage in creating distinctive patterns with small quanity.Now new garment printing technology is coming, apply on almost all fabrics, and can support large number production and various customization service.

You and your new garment printing technology can approach local screen printers and offer to be a subcontractor for all of their small jobs. This allows the Screen Printer to satisfy their customers, and saves you from spending advertising dollars and time to find new retail accounts.
Retail Business
Online Rettail Sites – there are many examples of successful custom t-shirt businesses that operate exclusively online, all based on how easy it is to produce short runs, even 1 or 2, custom t-shirts for customers. Businesses like Gifts for You Now, and many people use direct to garment printers to do 3 things:

(1). Respond to custom design requests
(2). Sell off the shelf designs
(3). Create and sell gift items
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